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Membership Information

The Hackney Horse Society's membership scheme includes the following :

free admission to the Four Day National Hackney Show
A schedule for the Show
Copy of the Year Book
Newsletters (3 Yearly)
Reduced fees for Registrations, Transfers and Entry Fees for the National Show

Membership Fees

The Hackney Horse Society's membership fees are listed below :

Joining Fee ? 10
Annual Member - Single ? 30
Annual Member - Double* ? 42
* Double Membership applies to a married couple; privileges as above except both members have the right to vote.

Membership Application Forms

You can complete a membership application form either online, or by downloading a Microsoft Word form to complete at your leisure. Please note that all applications must be sent either by post or fax, as we cannot currently accept credit cards online.

Click below to choose your application method :

Word DocumentOnline Application

Please note that depending on your browser, clicking the Word Document link, may open this document in your browser window. Clicking the Online Application link will open a new window containing the instructions.


We hope you enjoy visiting our site and hope that some of you can visit us at this year's

National Show

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Membership Information
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